What is the future development trend of direct drive motors?


        To talk about direct drive motors, we must first understand direct drive. In fact, direct drive is under the control of the drive system, directly connecting the direct drive motor to the load to achieve direct drive of the load. If this structure is used , Then all mechanical transmission components will no longer be needed, thereby eliminating a series of problems such as backlash, hysteresis and elasticity caused by mechanical transmission.

        In recent years, in the field of electrical transmission engineering, there has been a clear trend towards steering direct drive systems. One of them is that because energy costs are becoming more and more important, today's enterprises are forced to be more in the process of their production. Attaching importance to energy efficiency to maintain competitiveness, and furthermore, they are all facing a balance between dynamic performance and productivity. Direct drive motor systems are the ideal choice to solve this problem.

        The direct drive motor system directly saves many components and transmission components, simplifies the overall mechanical design, and makes the entire system very compact. The direct drive motor system has the characteristics of high accuracy and high reliability, and most importantly, no Maintenance does not require mechanical power transmission components such as belts or gearboxes, only motors and bolts are required. In this case, not only can it be easier for machine manufacturers to manufacture equipment, but it can also make customer application integration easier. .